About us

Tore Nærland.

Tore giving his speech at the award ceremony of the Kings medal of Honor

Tore is the founder and president of Bike for Peace.

Since 1977 he has been the president and leader of Bike for Peace.

Tore has a unique dedication and commitment to his work for peace and friendship all over the world.

Tore is an excellent public speaker and motivator, and he will never give up on his quest for peace and disarmament. With his strong abilities of building relations and networks, Tore has achieved more than most people would ever dream of in a life-time.

Get in touch with Tore on tore@bikeforpeace.no

Frank Tomlinson

Frank as been the Vice President of Bike for Peace since 2011.

Frank is a very dedicated long distance bike-tourer, and he is also a great public speaker and motivator for people of all ages to live a more active lifestyle and to focus more on working for peace and friendship all over the world.

Get in touch with Frank on frank@bikeforpeace.no