Bike for Peace

Bike for peace is a Norwegian-based peace organization that works to organize peace rides on bicycles all over the world. We collaborate with various peace organizations, schools and universities to promote and focus on the work in the fight against nuclear weapons.

In addition, we also have a strong focus on promoting cycling as a social and healthy activity for all people, regardless of age, gender or physical condition.

Bike for peace also creates an understanding of the national and global consequences of the actions of individuals, communities and campaigns. The first campaign was carried out in 1978 in Northern Ireland. Bike for peace works for peace and our common environment, across regions and nations, languages ​​and cultures.

In 1999, Bike for peace organized a round-the-world trip from Beijing through China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway, the trip was a total of 11,470 km.
In 1977, Tore Nærland started his first international cycling tour, which was called Bike for peace.
This trip was coast to coast in the USA, Seattle – Washington D.C.
Since 1978, Bike for peace has organized peace and friendship rides in over 125 countries.

During the trips, Bike for peace has met several well-known political, religious and cultural leaders, such as Pope John Paul II, Pope Francis, the former Secretary General of the Soviet Union Andrej Gromyko, the Secretary General of the United Nations Boutros Boutros Ghali, the Secretary General of The National League for Democracy of Burma , Aung San Suu Kyi and others.
Bike for Peace has on several occasions been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for its work.

Bike for Peace has on several occasions been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for its relentless efforts for world peace.

Bike for Peace was awarded the international peace prize The Gandhi foundation international peace award for 2015 for its work against nuclear weapons, and for finding non-violent solutions to conflicts worldwide.
In 2023, Bike for Peace was awarded the International Peace Agency’s “Seán MacBride Peace Prize” for its work to promote peace and disarmament.

Tore with the Gandhi Foundation International Peace Award