Kultur-tur i Ukraina September 2016

Vi flyr til Kiev og reiser vestover i det fredelige Ukraina til Lviv.
Vi besøker skoler og bondegårder og går på sightseeing.

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Bike for Peace arrangerte en flott sykkeltur på samme strekning i April 2016, og vi knyttet mange gode kontakter som hjelper oss på denne turen i September også.


Pris inkl.fly fra Stavanger/Oslo, hotell i dobbelrom, mat, transport kr. 13.550.

Informasjon og påmelding til reiseleder Tore Nærland, Bryne, tlf . 93442279/ e-post: tours@bikeforpeace.no.
Arrangør: OK Reiser Kvinesdal (medlem i Reisegarantifondet).

Bicycle-tour Moscow to St.Petersburg

Bicycle-tour Moscow to St.Petersburg from the 11th to the 22nd of August 2016.

Bike for Peace will bike with the Russian Cycle Touring Club. We are five going; Rigmor Festø, Svein Aronsen, Ole Folkvord, Maria Bilyk and Tore Nærland.

Other participants come from the UK, Canda, Russia, Singapore and China.

On Saturday we met with the Norwegian Ambassador to Russia, Leidulv Namtvedt. We have spoken to officials in Moscow who will help us to set up meetings with members of parliament etc.

Bike For Peace and the Peaceride in Russia 1983

Report about Norways efforts in Afghanistan

Bjørn Tore Godal has written a very good and critical review on the war in Afghanistan 2001-2014.

Thanks very much to mr. Godal and the members of the Comittee pointed out by the Norwegian Government and the Liberal Party in Norway initiated it. We hope the NATO-members and the Norwegian Government have learned from this report. 2300 people were killed on 9.11. Godal reports that 90.000 have been killed in Afghanistan. 10 of them were Norwegians. There has also been reported higher numbers of casualties through these years.

We hope all politicians will learn from what they have done.

We are very sad for those who lost their lives on 9.11, in Afghanistan and all other war-infected areas of the world.

The peace-movement has to be more active from now on to find more peaceful solutions.

Obama at nuclear summit: ‘madmen’ threaten global security

The best way of making sure this will never happen, is to destroy and get rid of all nuclear weapons now.

US president issues warning to leaders but says that since first summit six years ago, the world has taken ‘concrete, tangible steps’ to reduce nuclear terrorism

US president issues warning to leaders but says that since first summit six years ago, the world has taken ‘concrete, tangible steps’ to reduce nuclear terrorism

“The danger of a terrorist group obtaining and using a nuclear weapon is one of the greatest threats to global security,” said Obama, convening the meeting of more than 50 world leaders in Washington.

Read the full story here


Bike for Peace and Mayors for Peace in Ukraine!

Our schedule in Ukraine is as follows:

  • April 21st to April 24th – Kyiv.
  • April 25th – Zhytomyr.
  • April 26th – Novograd-Volynskyi.
  • April 27th – Rivne.
  • April 28th – Pochaiv.
  • April 29th – Lviv.
  • April 30th – returning home from Kyiv.

The goal is to raise more awareness among the young people in Ukraine to make them aware of the advantages of cooperation, dialogue, non-violence and also about the consequences of nuclear weapons used against civilians.

From April 21st to April 24th Bike for Peace and Mayors for Peace will be in the Capital of Ukraine – the City of Kyiv! Our core activity is to have a conference, meetings with politicans, public persons and also with students and scholars.

Read the full program here: http://bikeforpeace.no/Ukrainedaytoday.pdf



Great meeting with HWPL

Yesterday we in Bike For Peace enjoyed a great meeting in Oslo together with Tracy Song and Amy Park from HWPL.(Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light). They are promoting the declariation of international law for cessation of war and achievement of world peace.

They want to establish a new NGO in Norway to promote their work. We will work together in future projects in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China and the rest of the world.

Read more about HWPL at http://www.hwpl.kr

We invited them to join us for the bike ride in Ukraine next month.

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Bike For Peace nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016

We in Bike For Peace are greatly honored to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016.

This nomination encourages and motivates us to continue our work for a world in peace and free from nuclear weapons.

Tore Naerland, Vladimir Smirnov and Frank Tomlinson in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Tore Naerland, Vladimir Smirnov and Frank Tomlinson in Astana, Kazakhstan.

This year, in cooperation with Mayors For Peace and the ATOM Project, we will organize peace-tours in Ukraine, China, Albania, Poland, Qatar, United States, India and Indonesia to encourage others to join our campaign for a peaceful world where all human beings are equal.

We invite as many people as possible to bike togehter with us in 2016!

You can find the nomination-letter here: Nobelnomination2016


Bergen 2017 with Bike For Peace and the great Norwegian Bicyclists

Yesterday we had a great meeting with the Norwegian Bicycle ambassadors Thor Hushovd, Alexander Kristoff and Dag Otto Lauritzen.
Bike For Peace in cooperation with Mayors For Peace will organize a peace-ride from Astana, Kazakhstan to the cycling world championships in Bergen, Norway in 2017. We will start from EXPO 2017 in Astana end of July, and bike via Chelyabinsk, minsk, Berlin, Copenhagen, Oslo and Bergen where we arrive on the opening day of the world championships.


Thor Hushov who is the most winning norwegian bicyclist in Tour de France with 10 stage victories, is an ambassador for the championships in Bergen. Alexander Kristoff is currently one of the worlds best cyclists, and he will also be one of the favourites for the gold medal in Bergen 2017.
Together we will ride for cycle sports, peace, friendship and the environment over the whole world!

Bike For Peace and the UCI Road World Championships

Bike for Peace in cooperation with Mayors For Peace will organice peace-rides as part of the nxt two UCI Road World Championships hosted in Doha and Bergen.

For the championship in Doha, Qatar (October 9 – 16, 2016), we will cooperate with schools, universities and other groups to organize bike rides around Qatar starting in Doha on October 5th 2016.


For the championship in Bergen, Norway (September 16 – 24, 2017) we will organize a peace-ride starting in Astana, Kazakhstan beginning of August. Astana will be hosting the EXPO 2017 at that time, and as the theme of the EXPO 2017 is “Future Energy”, what could be a better way of celebrating it than to start our peace-ride there?