Velkommen med på tur til Irland og Nord-Irland!

BFP Norge sammen med Mayor For Peace planlegger kampanje for fred og menneskerettigheter og mot atomvåpenbruk. Vi har samarbeidet i 2014 og 2015. I 2014: Manchester-Roma-Kina-Japan-Kansas C-W DC-Oppegård-Frogn-Oslo-Skien. Skottland. 2015: W DC til N Y. Vi inviterer med oss politikere i Norge og andre land på denne turen. BFP og MFP er partipolitisk nøytrale. Man må ikke være ordfører for å delta. Man sykler mye og kjører buss en del for å nå avtalene underveis.

Meld deg på på tlf. 93442279/ 51487777 eller

  • 5.mai fly til Belfast
  • 6.mai Belfast-Newcastle
  • 7.mai Newcastle-Drogheda
  • 8.mai Drogheda- møte i Dublin
  • 9.mai konferanse i Dublin og hjemreise
  •  Pris for fem: 13 900 NOK.
  • 10: 12 900 NOK.
  • 15: 12 500 NOK.

Great news from China

Good news yesterday! China wants to get rid of their nuclear weapons. This is an appeal to USA; Russia, UK, North Korea, France, Israel etc. BFP plans to ride in Russia June 16th to 25th. Please join us! We have worked against nuclear arms since 1979. Tour to Israel in April and Belfast-Dublin in May.

Interview on Ukrainian TV

The president of Bike For Peace, Tore Naerland, was receintly visiting the Donestsk area in Ukraine to learn more about the war in Ukraine, and to cooperate with the Peace Institute in Ukraine to try to find out how we, together with the people of Ukraine, can end this war.


Please see the full interview here:


Kolkata – Dhaka 2017

Bike for Peace meets Saber Hossain Chowdhury, President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, who spoke about Disarmament for Development.

He invited BFP to bike from Kolkata to Dhaka to participate in National Conference for Nuclear Abolition.

We need to STOP war in Syria!

We need to STOP war in Syria! Syrian women speak on realities of conflict and hopes for future.

With Sabiha Khalil, Syrian Women’s Network Legal Committee and Wejdan Nassif, Coordinating Committee of Syrian Women’s Network.

We need to encourage women worldwide to be more active to stop this war!

World Peace Congress

At the World Peace Congress we had the honor to meet Tawakkol Karman, Nobel Peace Prize winner 2011 from Yemen and Liv Torres, Director of Nobel Peace Center, Norway.

Bike for Peace will support initiative for peace negotiation in Yemen. We invite Norwegian peace organizations and peace negotiators to be part of it!

Meting with Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine

Today Tore Naerland and Anastasiya Odnoroh met the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine on European Integration Mykola Movchan and we discussed future projects between “Bike for Peace” and Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine

Tore Naerland's photo.

The project we discussed :

Proposal of cooperation in European integration of Ukraine and peacemaking process and program for USA

Bike for Peace in cooperation with organization We Are For Peace Today will organize InterEuropeanPeace Ride 2017
In Europe the route is following:
And after that we continue to Copenhagen – boat – Oslo – bike to Bergen and opening there the World competition for cicling 16.09.17.
In Usa the route is following:
15.03.17- 30.03.17 San-Francisco – LosAngeles
14.07.17 – 21.07.17 Kansas City – Washington DC
Slogan for this tour is follow:
1. Peace in East Ukraine – peace in the whole world
2. Support the people who is disable because of the war
3. Abolish nuclear weapons now!
4. Support of victim of nuclear testing