The history of Bike For Peace

We in Bike For Peace are proud of our long history of working for peace all over the world.

In 1977 Tore Naerland and Helge Hundeide started their first international bicycle tour which they called “Bike for Peace”.

The first campaign was held in Northern Ireland, where we biked together with catholics and protestants for peace.

This first tour was Coast to Coast in the USA, Seattle – Washington DC. Since 1978 Bike for Peace has organized peace and friendship rides in more than 115 countries world wide.

During its tours, Bike for Peace has met many well-known political, religious and cultural leaders like Pope Johannes Paul II,Pope Francis, the former General Secretary of the Soviet Union Andreij Gromyko, the General Secretary of the UN Boutros Boutros Ghali, Perez de Cuellar and Ban-Ki Moon, the former President of Poland Lech Walesa, Pres. Mary Robinson, Nobel Prize Laureate Rigoberta Menchú Tum 

The leader of Bike for Peace Tore Naerland has been fighting for peace, disarmament and democracy on the planet for over 40 years.Naerland studied history, political science and communication at the Concordia College in Moorhead/Minnesota.

He has been promoting peace by organizing biking and cultural tours in various countries since 1978 and inspired many to join his ideas.

In 2010 Frank Tomlinson joined Bike For Peace.

The last years Bike for Peace have organized peace projects in Ukraine, Ethiopia, The Balkans, Armenia, India and many other places.

We are active in the promotion of non-violence and always with the goal of a world free from nuclear weapons

King’s Medal of Merit

In 2017, Tore Nærland, President of Bike for Peace, received the King’s Medal of Merit for his life long work for peace and disarmament world wide

The Gandhi foundation International peace award

In 2015, Tore Nærland and Bike For Peace reecived the Gandhi Foundation International peace Award at a ceremony in the house of lords, London

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