The World Ride 1999, Beijing – Alma Ata – Moscow – Bergen

The appeal to the UN and the world’s population

Bike for Peace -99 challenge the world’s leading politicians to take responsibility for the world’s population in order to avoid a nuclear war.

This message appeals to all national leaders,women,men and young people of the world to share this responsibility together.

The slogans are:

  1. No to nuclear weapon East or West, North or South
  2. Support the victims of Semipalatinsk, Nevada, Chernobyl
  3. Bike for peace and disarmament
  4. Bike for health, happiness and environment
  5. Sport for all

Humanity should feel free from the fear of a nuclear war. The resources which are used today on weapons should be used instead on solving the economical and social problems.

We consider that the United Nations can play an important role in the work for peace all over the world.

Bike for Peace, Beijing – Alma-Ata Ata – Moscow – Bergen

18 March –  27 June 1999

Hundred days on a journey of a lifetime

Tore Naerland together with the other 22 cyclists came back to Randaberg on Friday, after 100 days biking from Beijing

We could have chosen Stavanger as the 100th day but it became Randaberg where I had happy days as a child, Tore Naerland says.

There is a big celebration at Vardheim center. The cyclists of the World Ride 99 are of various ages, from 15 to 60, and from different countries – the Great Britain, Russia and Norway. The mayor Olav Sande meets and invites the participants to Vardheim.The cyclists of the Randaberg Bicycle Club have welcomed the group as well and biked with them from the municipal border into the center.

The message and optimism

The bicycle ride «Bike for Peace» has a message. Tore Naerland and his cyclists have met mayors and prime ministers on the tour for peace and friendship. But first of all it is grassroots they appeal to when they sit on a bicycle.

It is very important to give people optimism, Tore Naerland. He visisted many schools, orphanages and institutions for the disabled during his tours, giving away hope and school books.

There were some stomach problems and plasters on the wounds, but never a big accident during those 100 days.

Luckily, there were no accidents but it was hard. We biked 60-220 km a day on the rough ground. But the hardest was a mental factor – to live so close with various people for so long! But that is just like that during all expeditions, Tore Naerland says.

Warm lunch, coffee and cakes were served for the participants at Vardheim. After the lunch there are 100 km left, to the meeting house in Etne where the cyclists will spend a night. After Etne the group will pass Bergen, the last city to finish the World Ride 99, Beijing – Bergen.