Around the World in 80 days in 1994

We commit ourselves to promote bicycling and to reach the following goals:

  1. To improve the health of our citizens

Bicycling is one of the best ways to stay fit. Bicycling gives better mental and physical health and quality of life.Many disabled people can share this experience.

  1. To offer our citizens healthier and more secure environment

Bicycling diminishes allergies and asthmatic symptons , gives a drastic decline in noise pollution  and lower stress level  – alle the  factors that the automobile burdens our society with.

  1. To strengthen the economy of our citizens.

Bicycling is cheap in purchases and cheap in use. A bicycle is easy to maintain and does not need much room to keep. More bicyclists means less car users and leads to lower public expenses and road maintenance .

  1. To help our citizens to use their time reasonable.

Bicycling in cities demands often less time than by auto or bus. Usually bicyclists plan their trips more thouroughly and chose shorter ways.

  1. To offer our citizens a better means of transport. The bicycle is the world’s most effective personal means of transport. It is ideal in collaboration with collective transport – people can bicycle from their homes to the nearest point of destination or between points of destination
  2. To create a better future together with our citizens

The bicycle is bery  practical in use – many people can afford without damaging the environment


The Biking Vikings started their project Around the World from a bicycle town Sandnes on 10 June. Along the route there were arranged about 30 meetings with mayors, non-government organizations and schools. The mayor in Oslo,  Anne Marit Sebones,  and the president of the Parliament, Kirsti Kolle Grondahl wished The Biking Vikings good journey. The participants from Norway consisted of 12 cyclists , half of them disabled : Egil Arne Kvarven, Bomlo;  Terje Frigstad from Arendal; Ole Leirvag from Karmoy; Helge Olsen from Drammen and Tore Naerland. These people had cerebral paresis,  physically handicapped and visually impaired. The assistants were Svenn Sunnset, Kvas; Leif Borsheim from Stavanger;  Terje Garvik, Karmoy; Chris Heymans , Sandnes;  Kristin Haugland,  Kristiansand; Kjell Storelid, Stord and  in the following car Karsten Brunvatne, Arendal.


In Germany The Biking Vikings were very well welcomed. The main subject of the meetings was integrations of the disabled peope in different sectors in the society. In Bonn The Biking Vikings  met also Dr. Eorms, General Secretary in Ministry of Labour . In Germany, for example, there is a law saying that 6% of work places in a private and  public should be available for the handicapped people.

The group biked from Kiel to Hannover – Bonn – Wiesbaden – Augsburg , further in Austria to Innsbruck, through Brenner passage to Bologna, Firenze and Rome. In the whole Europe there were arranged two meetings a day with mayors, handicapped organisations and bicycle clubs. Around 3-400 cyclists have participated together with The Biking Vikings along the route and the core group has left about 2500 km behind on bicycles . The participants in Europe consisted of Terje Frigstad,Ole Leirvag, Tore Naerland with the assistants Anne Kristin Solhaug , Margunn Hjelmeseth, Svenn Sunnset and in and  in the following car Karsten Brunvatne


The Biking Vikings arrived in Cairo from Rome on 7 July. In Egypt the All – sport for the disabled people set a various program. On 9 July the official start from Cairo started, headed by General Secretary in Ministry of Sport, Abd El Harmeed El Wakeel. There was also a visually impaired and physically handicapped from Egypt who biked along the streets in Cairo. Along the centre of Cairo, 10 km stretch, the police conducted the traffic so that the cyclists could get through. A skilful organizer of this stage, Dr. Adly Mohamed Hassan had set the route in such a way that it went from Zakazik to Ismalia and ended in Port Said. On the way, there were meetings with governors, handicap organisations and schools. The topics discussed at the meetings were education for the handicapped, work opportunities and different cultural activities.The Norwegian idea of tandem was very welcomed by the handicapped and had a good covering in the mass media. There was a great wish to get at least one tandem to each blind school in Egypt, where there are 100 such schools.

The Biking Vikings presented a tandem bicycle to the Sport Federation for the handicapped. The leader of All-sport federation for the handicapped, Dr. Hossan Eldin Mostafa said that the Norwegian tandem bicycle should be introduced to the other Arabic countries. Today Egypt buys bicycles in China, but produces their own as well. The authorities were also interested in promoting the bicycle as the main means of transport in Egypt. The participants in Egypt were Ole Leirvag, Terje Garvik, Bjorg and Tore Naerland.


The Biking Vikings arrived in Bangkok from Cairo on 14 July.  They were greeted at the by 20-30 people from the Handicap Federation, Blind Federation and a few bicycle organisations. Also the Norwegian Embassy was presented. On 15 July the Biking Vikings had a meeting with Mr. Semask Karoon, Vice-Minister of Labour in Thailand. The main topics discussed at the meeting were work opportunities and prevention of blindness. The Vice-Minister of Labour in Thailand expressed understanding and support for the issues the Biking Vikings are trying to promote. After the meeting the Biking Vikings started off bicycling along the streets in Bangkok. Visually impaired, people in wheel chairs and  members of Bangkok bicycle club had joined them. The bicycle trip was broadly covered by the national TV stations. The Biking Vikings had also a meeting with the vice-governor of Bangkok. He said that during his youth it was great to bike in Bangkok and nowdays it is much more difficult to use bicycle as the main means of transport in the city. The vice-governor was open in exchanging the ideas with the Biking Vikings. The participants in Thailand consisted of Ole Leirvag, Tore Naerland,  Terje Garvik and the Thai assistant Mr. Pornchai Leelarnupar.


The Biking Vikings arrived in Tokyo on 18 July from Bangkok. Here they biked the distance Nagano – Tokyo. In Japanese there is a law saying that it is illegal to bike on tandem  – you can even be arrested for that. The coordinator for The Biking Vikings in Japan, the preast  Erik Froyland from Skjold in Rogaland , managed after long negotiations with the police to get a permission for the Biking Vikings to bike from Nagano to Tokyo. The tour went through Karuizawa and Kumagaya, 240 km. The bicycle roads were not in a good condition and often the group had to bike among the heavy traffic. The mayor of Nagano, Tasuku Tsukada welcomed the Biking Viking to the city of the Olympic Games. The Biking Viking were invited to promote Paralympics Nagano in 1998, all over the world. In Tokyo the Biking Vikings were received by the former member of the Parliament, Eifa Yashiro, who uses a wheel chair. He fell down from the stage in the TV studio and damaged himself. As the member of the Parliament he fought to change the exsisted conditions for the handicapped to the better ones. He was specially engaged in the laws concerning integration in schools. Eifa Yashiro cooperated on this issue with the other Asian countries. In Japan there is a quota for the handicapped in the working life  – 2%  in  public sector and 1,6% in private sector. The participants in Japan were Ole Leirvag, Tore Naerland, Terje Garvik and the Japanese Reiko Yamori , who had studied before at Lundheim Folk School, Norway.


The Biking Viking arrived in Seattle from Tokyo on 24 July to bike coast to coast in theUSA. In Seattle the group was greeted by the chairman of Seattle-Bergen association,  Olaf Kvamme. He wished the group good journey from Seattle- Bismarck – Minneapolis – Madison- Chicago- Washington D.C.- New York. There were many different meetings and good press covering along the way. The group met different handicap organisations,Lions clubs, Sons of Norway , churches etc. The highlight in the USA was the arrangement in Minneapolis with Steve Clark. In Washington there was a meeting with the Senator Durenburger arranged by Ronald and Evine Eriksson in Front Royal. In New York, on 26 August, there was a meeting with General Secretary of the UN, Boutros Boutros Ghali. He was handed 200 signatures of different appeals from the politicians and key persons from all over the world. This meeting was arranged by our contact person in New York,  Roger Udjus. Boutros Boutros Ghali praised the Biking Viking for their work for the handicapped all over the world. The participants in the USA consisted of Egil Arne Kvarven,  Ole Leirvag, Tore Naerland with the assistant Anne Kristin Solhaug , Helge Hundeide,  Paul Joreide,  Reidun Joreide, Carol Sandvik and Terje Garvik as a driver.

The Biking Vikings had covered about 8000 km on bicycle along their tour Around the World in 1994 and arranged 300 meetings and arrangements