Around the world 2014

In 2014 Bike for Peace organized a round the world bike tour to continue its fight for a world free of nuclear weapons, a world where human respect and dignity is a common right for everyone regardless of gender and abilities.

We started our campaign from Manchester to London – on to Paris – Nice – Rome – Beijing – Hiroshima – Tokyo – Kansas – Indianapolis – Washington DC – New York – Oslo

Slogans for the tour:

  • Abolish nuclear weapons now!
  • Support for nuclear casualties from Hiroshima, Semipalatinsk, Nevada and Chernobyl
  • Human dignity and freedom.
  • Solidarity and Friendship.
  • Integration of disabled persons.
  • Bike for environment and no to global warming.
  • Gender equality across the globe.

We organized meetings with press and top politicians in each country as well as mayors in every city we passed.

The Participants

Tore Nærland 

Tore Nærland is the president of Bike for Peace, and he has been fighting for peace, disarmament and democracy on the planet for almost 30 years. Nærland studied history, political science and communication at the Concordia College in Moorhead/Minnesota. He has been promoting peace by organizing biking and cultural tours in various countries since 1978 and inspired many to join his ideas.

In 1983 Tore Nærland organized the peace-tour from Moscow to Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo, continuing to New York and Washington together with 40 participants from the former Soviet Union and the United States.

Tore has several times been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.

Since 1978 Tore has organized peace and friendship rides in more than 110 countries.Tore Nærland is partially blind, and will use a tandem bicycle.

Frank Tomlinson

Frank has been working with Bike For Peace for several years, and was also responsible for the peace ride in Kazakhstan in 2011, where we in cooperation with Kazakh authorities organized a 4 week tour through the vast Kazakh country to celebrate its 20th anniversary as an independent nation in addition to celebrating the 20th anniversary of the closure of the nuclear test site in Semipalatinsk.

Frank has biked through Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia in cooperation with different humanitarian organizations to support their work for human rights and development. 

Anita Valen

Anita Valen is a Norwegian cyclist who competed at the 2004 Summer Olympics, and again at the 2008 Summer Olympics. She won a bronze medal at the 2004 UCI Road World Championships. Anita is very active in the fight for children and disabled persons right to participate in sports.

Thore Vestby

Thore Vestby has been a Mayor in Frogn since 2003. As vice president in the organization Mayors for Peace he has contributed significantly on national as well as international level. He strongly believes in dialog and openness and as a proof of that the little village called Drøbak in Frogn, with a museum for cartoonists and an agenda for freedom of speech, now host a prosecuted cartoonist, the first ever in the world. He is currently first deputy to the Parliament.

Mayors for Peace is an international organization of cities dedicated to the abolition of nuclear weapons. Established in 1982 by Mayor Araki in Hiroshima, Mayors for peace has now close to 8000 member-mayors/cities/municipalities from 157 countries, 110 capitals, all the 5 continents, representing more than 1 billion people. Their 2020 Vision Campaign aims to establish a nuclear-weapon-free world by the year 2020.