We need to STOP war in Syria!

We need to STOP war in Syria! Syrian women speak on realities of conflict and hopes for future.

With Sabiha Khalil, Syrian Women’s Network Legal Committee and Wejdan Nassif, Coordinating Committee of Syrian Women’s Network.

We need to encourage women worldwide to be more active to stop this war!

Bicycle-tour Moscow to St.Petersburg

Bicycle-tour Moscow to St.Petersburg from the 11th to the 22nd of August 2016.

Bike for Peace will bike with the Russian Cycle Touring Club. We are five going; Rigmor Festø, Svein Aronsen, Ole Folkvord, Maria Bilyk and Tore Nærland.

Other participants come from the UK, Canda, Russia, Singapore and China.

On Saturday we met with the Norwegian Ambassador to Russia, Leidulv Namtvedt. We have spoken to officials in Moscow who will help us to set up meetings with members of parliament etc.

Bike For Peace and the Peaceride in Russia 1983

Report about Norways efforts in Afghanistan

Bjørn Tore Godal has written a very good and critical review on the war in Afghanistan 2001-2014.

Thanks very much to mr. Godal and the members of the Comittee pointed out by the Norwegian Government and the Liberal Party in Norway initiated it. We hope the NATO-members and the Norwegian Government have learned from this report. 2300 people were killed on 9.11. Godal reports that 90.000 have been killed in Afghanistan. 10 of them were Norwegians. There has also been reported higher numbers of casualties through these years.

We hope all politicians will learn from what they have done.

We are very sad for those who lost their lives on 9.11, in Afghanistan and all other war-infected areas of the world.

The peace-movement has to be more active from now on to find more peaceful solutions.

Bike The Nobel

We at Bike for Peace enjoyed a great evening at the reception hosted by the embassy of Italy to Norway on Thursday.
The world cyclist Paola Gianotti arrived from Milano on her bicycle, carrying a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the bicycle, as part of a project called Bike The Nobel.
Frank Tomlinson, Vice President of Bike For Peace met with the Embassador of Italy, Mr Giorgio Novello and Paola Gianotti to discuss the cooperation of future peace rides and projects all over the world.
We also met with representatives of numerous bicycle federations and also with the ambassador of Tunisia, Mr Ammar Ben Lamine to discuss how we can ensure that the spirit of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the Tunisian Dialogue Quartet will keep growing all over the region.
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Biking on the Silk Road in China 2016 and 2017

We at Bike for Peace recently had a meeting with our partners and sponsors in Hangzhou to plan the bike rides for 2016 and 2017.

For 2016 we will organize a big bike ride 3rd or 4th On September in Hangzhou, When the G20 meeting taking place.

We want people from Hangzhou China, members of the G20 states and the rest of the world to participate. After that, we start biking out of Hangzhou to Xi’an. We will arrive in Xi’an on 14th of September 2016.

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The route from Hangzhou to Xi’is as follow: Hangzhou – Guangde – Xuancheng – Wuhu – Caohu – Hefei – Liuan – Guangshan – Xinyang – Biyang – Nanyang – Neixiang – Xixian – Shangnan – Danfeng – Shangluo – Lantian – Xi’an.

In 2017 we will continue our bike tour From Xi’an on the 10th of May with final destination Astana, Kazakhstan.

On the way, we will visit the big cities like Lanzhou, Urumqi and Almaty before we arrive in Astana on the opening day of the World Expo 2017, June 10th.