Report about Norways efforts in Afghanistan

Bjørn Tore Godal has written a very good and critical review on the war in Afghanistan 2001-2014.

Thanks very much to mr. Godal and the members of the Comittee pointed out by the Norwegian Government and the Liberal Party in Norway initiated it. We hope the NATO-members and the Norwegian Government have learned from this report. 2300 people were killed on 9.11. Godal reports that 90.000 have been killed in Afghanistan. 10 of them were Norwegians. There has also been reported higher numbers of casualties through these years.

We hope all politicians will learn from what they have done.

We are very sad for those who lost their lives on 9.11, in Afghanistan and all other war-infected areas of the world.

The peace-movement has to be more active from now on to find more peaceful solutions.